August 2008. My original soundtrack written for Cody Sheehy‘s documentary “Out of the Past.”

Conductor: Dave Moschler. Violins: Andy Tan, John Abdallah. Viola: Holly Harrison. Cello: Hans Hoffer. Flute: Hannah Green. Clarinet: Robert Brosnan. Recording Engineer: Kelvin Koo. Recorded at UC Davis, Department of Music.



January 2012. Opening Animation to Andy’s Composition Website.

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Inspired by my own zodiac (the year of rat), I created this Flash animation to send a message that music is a very accessible art and has no hierarchy. Many people, include professional musicians believe that only the gifted individuals can understand music properly and are worth being taught. Such elitist mentality often causes us to overlook the musical potential of the students and corrupt the definition of music education. We don’t just train students to become a professional soloist. More importantly, we instruct students how to think critically, be creative, and be discipline. It’s also part of their mental health foundation, in which the right side of the brain is actively exercised. I believe that ultimately, you become successful not because of what you do, but who you are.



September 2012. My original soundtrack written for Coldwell Banker’s estate sale promotional video.



July 2013. My newly completed original soundtrack for “Regression,” a film by my friend Collin Davey.

Regression Original Score  (PDF).  Click the following links to listen to the soundtracks.


December 7th, 2013. My students and I performed excerpts from Star Wars and Star Trek at the U.C.Davis M.I.N.D. Institute’s annual celebration event.
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