Auditions Information

All students are encouraged to join the following ensembles and broaden their musical horizon. Please visit the following links for specific audition requirements:

Davis High School Symphony Orchestra

UC Davis Symphony Orchestra

Sacramento Youth Symphony

Students in the Emerson-Harper combine orchestra or Holmes orchestra are encouraged to take the section leader challenge and perform a solo during seating auditions. For intermediate orchestra, the solo music difficulty level should be at least Suzuki book 3 and above. For advanced orchestra, it is Suzuki book 5 or above. 3 octave major and minor scales are also required for advanced orchestra.

Auditions for the SYS Premier Orchestra, UCDSO, and DHS Symphony are highly competitive. In some cases students may need up to one year of preparation. There is no magic ingredient for a successful audition except being able to demonstrate your proficiency in all the fundamentals of violin playing: highly accurate intonation, rhythm, clarity, good tone quality, good handling of phrasings and dynamic contrasts, and the fluidity of the performance. More importantly, keep in mind that this is evaluated in audition, and stage fright directly effects performance. Very often candidates are rejected not because they are incompetent musicians, but because their normal performances are degraded by stage fright. This is why a student must be both technically and psychologically prepared in order to maximize his/her performance during the audition. Other factors such as instrument quality may have certain impact on the result, but is almost negligible if the instrument is adequate and set up properly. Here is my Audition Checklist and Tips for DHS Symphony audition.